5 Luxury Watches That Make a Perfect Day/Night Companion

Every watch manufacturer designs and produces various models to suit the needs and preferences of various buyers. While some are dressy and different, others are sporty and built to withstand challenging environments. But then comes the versatile line of luxury watches that can effortlessly slip into any mode.

Whether you want to go hiking, deep-sea diving, or maybe just chill at a party, luxury watches are a go-to for any occasion. And, if you’re a collector looking for investment, there’s nothing better than an excellent luxury watch at the moment. You can either outright sell them to earn a good return or take a loan against watches to meet an immediate cash crisis. The luxury watches are up for it all!

However, many of us still struggle to pick that one watch piece that we can truly wear every day without complaining about it. So, below we have listed out the few top every day luxury watches that can be your true companion at any time of the day/night.

5 Best Everyday Luxury Watches

1. Rolex Submariner

No watch brand is more versatile than Rolex, and the Submariner is a smart presentation of this quality. It is the one watch you can wear for any prestigious occasion or underwater adventure. The watch will champion all extremities. The latest Sub model comes in a 41mm case with Calibre 3235.

Initially, Rolex produced the Submariner as a professional diver’s watch featuring a stainless steel case and a date-less dial. Eventually, the brand included two-tone and all-gold versions and a handful of dial and bezel options to expand its diversity. The 41mm Sub looks smart, and collectors readily appreciate it for its market value.

2. Omega Speedmaster Professional

The Speedmaster is one of the most fundamental Omega models with universal recognition for its easily recognisable design. It is the ideal mechanical watch you can wear to a casual house party or any dignified occasion. If that’s not enough, remember it is the only timepiece with NASA’s approval for spaceflight.

The ‘Moonwatch’ model from the Omega Speedmaster collection has graced the Moon. So, if it matches well with the space and sports suits, can business attire be a problem? The Speedmaster has an understated design with a tachymetric bezel, three nicely arranged sub-dials and contrasting colours that strike the perfect balance between day and night wear. All these qualities make the Omega Speedmaster a timeless buy!

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3. Breitling Superocean Heritage

Breitling is famously known as the creator of all things youthful, aggressive, and macho. So, choosing it as regular wear might sound a little strange. The Superocean made its debut in 1957, and it was the first chronograph with a ‘Panda’ dial.

In 2017, Breitling celebrated Superocean’s 60th anniversary with the Heritage II catalogue, which contains various case sizes and is available in all red gold and all-steel models or steel and red gold cases. The dials come in black, white, green or blue. What is noteworthy is that there are a few ‘Panda’ dials too!

The Superocean Heritage in Volcano Black is our pick for this list as it is particularly versatile with its mesh-like bracelet. The gorgeous black ceramic bezel, broad swords, and hands make it a perfect day/night wear.

4. Cartier Tank Must

Another most widely known luxury timepiece is the Cartier Tank Must. The watch advocates simplicity and is a true minimalistic treasure in all sense. The simple stainless steel cases with colourful dials are perfect for people who want their ‘Tank’ to do the talking. The original Tank Must came out in the 1970s and instantly became a heartthrob of the then-watch community.

With the black dial, gold case and hands, easily distinguishable dimensions, and minimalist looks, the Tank Must act as a luxurious timepiece that is ideal for various occasions. As Black is a colour that fluidly combines with any outfit, the Tank Must in black with the supplied alligator strap is a fantastic combination!

5. Patek Philippe Travel Time Annual Calendar

The very thought that hits our minds when we now hear Patek Philippe is the brand’s extraordinary performance in fetching a high investment return. Talking about the ‘Travel Time’, the watch combines Patek’s most notable complication, the Annual Calendar. Coming in a 41mm white gold case, the Ref. 5326G boasts a unique feature in which the wearer can easily set the travel time with the crown. This means you do not need any pusher to do it. Moreover, Patek didn’t even give any choice by not adding any extra pusher to the case.

Looking at the dial, you can see an interesting caricature that evokes a vintage world charm. It has a fine grey gradation towards the periphery, and the slightly granular element reminds you of the reminiscence of old photos. The Ref. 5326G accommodates exclusive mechanical updates for which Patek created a new white gold case.

All such minute details make the timepiece a standout.

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Summarising the best everyday watches is tricky. You have so many good brands confusing you with their varied notable features and characteristics. Hence, we did the noble job of finding the best regular wear watches that are not just stunning but will also help you financially during an emergency. For instance, if you choose to buy the Rolex Submariner, you can rest assured of getting a quick loan on luxury watches or can even sell it at an impressive value. Similarly, the other luxury watches named above are excellent investment pieces.

You can throw on all the watches listed above and not think about whether they’re going with the occasion or the outfit because they look that good!


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