5 Most Expensive Diamond Jewellery as of 2020

Diamonds are an everlasting symbol of luxury and wealth. And diamond jewellery is ideally the most expensive and valuable items in the world because of their grandeur and rarity.

However, jewels have passed through the hands of riches and royalties throughout history. Eventually, they command exorbitantly large sums of money.

5 Most Expensive Diamond Jewellery as of 2020

So, are you wondering how the most expensive jewellery look like? Or what makes them so expensive?

Here are five of the most expensive diamond jewellery items ever produced to date. Let’s take a look!

The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond is one of the world’s most fabled items of jewellery that comes with a vivid blue diamond of 45.52ct. This striking necklace is known to have existed for many years with noteworthy owners such as Harry Winston and King Louis XIV.

However, Winston donated this incredible beauty in 1958 to the Smithsonian Institute. Ever since then, it has been on display there.

The Hope Diamond has been continually valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. But the real value of this fascinating piece is virtually not possible to evaluate due to its extreme historical significance and high profile.

Thus, the Hope Diamond necklace is ideally the most valuable diamond jewellery in the world.

Graff’s Peacock Brooch

Graff is the most notable and esteemed diamond jeweller in the world. The London-based manufacturer designed a fabulous Peacock brooch.

However, the more interesting fact is that the diamond brooch worth more than a private jet.

The brand embellished the brooch with 1,305gemstones, weighing about 120.81ct.

Moreover, the exquisite piece flaunts a vibrant blue diamond at its centre that itself weighs over 20 carats.

The value of the Peacock Brooch by Graff is nearly £89 million.

L’Incomparable Necklace

The elite Mouawad Jewellery brand developed this incredibly valuable diamond necklace.

The story says that a young Congo girl discovered the central gemstone entirely by-chance.

However, this gemstone is the most giant full-unblemished diamond in the world, weighing 407.8carats. The necklace also flaunts 102 smaller gems adorning its sophisticated design.

The Winston Blue

The platinum ring comes with the world’s flawless blue diamond. The ring was dubbed after the founder of Harry Winston– Nayla Heyek.

However, this 13.22 carats diamond ring sold for about £19.51 million at Christie’s auction house in May 2014.

Pink Emerald-Cut Graff Diamond

America’s Gemological Institute graded the emerald-cut diamond in the Graff Diamond ring as “Fancy Intense Pink”.

However, the prestigious Laurence Graff himself purchased this emerald-cut diamond of 24.78 carats for about £38 million.

The emerald-cut diamond comes with a perfect combination of purity and colour that is indeed a rare feature.

Moreover, Graff delineated the diamond in this ring as the “most fabulous” gemstone he has ever come across in his career.

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