Can You Pawn Your Cartier Watch in London?

When you think of Cartier, what are the first words that strike your mind? Is it expensive, luxurious, precious, elegant, or anything else? But how many of you consider it to be a valuable asset? There’s a preconceived notion that only jewellery is an asset for loan purposes. However, you’ll be glad to know that Cartier as a brand has rightfully established itself as a popular asset for both investment and as collateral in loans.

The brand has shown a strong ability towards holding its value. This means, if you own a Cartier watch, be it any model, you can surely take a loan against Cartier watches to meet those difficult times.

However, before you get all excited to finally have found a solution to meet your urgent cash needs, you need to understand a couple of things. The first one is: How valuable is your Cartier watch?

All Cartier timepieces are indeed valuable and worthy. Still, when you intend to pawn your Cartier with a reliable pawnshop in London, you must consider a few factors to claim the best loan offer.

What factors does a pawnshop consider before pawning your Cartier?

When you take your Cartier watch to a pawnshop, the experts will assess the below-mentioned factors to offer the loan quote.

3 factors are:

i) Condition

The condition of your beloved Cartier timepieces plays a significant role in deciding the pawn price. A Cartier watch that has been lovingly kept and taken care of will fetch you a more loan value as it will be more appealing to the collectors.

Therefore, when you take the watch to a pawnbroker, they will carefully assess the appearance and functionality of your Cartier timepiece to quote the loan amount.

ii) Model

Cartier has a wide catalogue, out of which few have witnessed notable success while others made a little impact. Hence, some Cartier models are more desirable than others. Of course, Cartier as a brand itself is worthy. But few models are more preferred in the pawn market.

Our suggestion is to find out the value of your Cartier watch before you decide to pawn your Cartier watch. This way, you negotiate a better loan amount.

iii) Age

As you well guessed, a Cartier timepiece that is old is more valuable in the pawn market because of its age and rarity. Creating innovative watches since 1847, Cartier has created numerous watches so far. So, if you luckily own a timepiece over 100 years old, be ready to fetch an enormous pawn value!

Now that you have evaluated the factors, your next step would be to search ‘how to loan for Cartier’. Well, you can, but be prepared to get flooded with a whirlpool of options!

You most definitely need a reliable pawnshop with the required expertise to get a fair loan value for pawning Cartier watches.

Therefore, you can either go with any random dealer or just take our words and visit the expert pawnbrokers at The Luxury Hut. Bringing over 40 years of combined experience, the experts have satisfied numerous customers with their best competitive loan prices.

How can you pawn with The Luxury Hut?

If you reside in the UK or nearby area, pawn Cartier watches in 4 easy steps.

1. Fill in the Form

Start by filling in the easy online form.

2. Get a ‘FREE’ quote

Provide the details of your Cartier watch to get an Instant ‘Free’ quote.

3. Send your Cartier

Get a Contact-Free Home collection along with a pre-paid shopping label to send the experts your Cartier timepiece.

4. Get CASH

After carefully assessing your Cartier watch, the experts will offer you a final cash loan offer. Accept, sign the pledge receipt & get paid ‘On-Spot’!

Alternatively, you can call 0207 242 9160 to book an appointment and visit them to sign the deal.


The moment you step out to pawn Cartier watches, you can understand the luxury brand’s demand and popularity in both pre-owned and pawn markets. So, if you were hesitant to take a loan for Cartier, it’s time that you contact the experts today for a loan quote!


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