Where to Pawn My Wedding Ring?

When you are ready to pawn your wedding ring to raise some fast cash, the foremost step will be to choose the right pawnbrokers.

The Luxury Hut jewellery pawnbrokers offer a quick, secure and straightforward way to pawn wedding rings and raise instant cash.

where to pawn my wedding ring

We work with a team of jewellery specialists who can determine the fair value of your ring and eventually, the best possible amount of cash loan that we are willing to lend for it.

Thus, pawn your wedding ring online or via appointment with us today. We ensure to make the process convenient and hassle-free for you.

However, before we guide you to every step of our process, take a look at the kinds of wedding ring that you can consider pawning with us.

Types of Wedding Rings

loan against diamond jewellery
  • Matching Wedding Bands

You may have rings belonging to a particular set that match each other. They may have a single diamond in the centre or are adorned with diamonds all over the band.

However, wedding bands range from 2mm to 8mm in width. Your band can be of platinum, 14ct or 18ct white gold or yellow gold.

Like many others, you can also decide to pawn your engagement ring along with the wedding ring at the same time.

  • Bespoke Wedding Rings

Couples often consider offering a unique sparkle to their wedding bands by adding many diamonds.

However, the more diamonds you have in your ring, the more it will be worth and higher will be the final cash loan amount.

the luxury hut pawnbrokers london

Thus, make sure to provide details as much as possible when filling up our online form to help us offer you an accurate valuation.

  • Wedding Sets

You can also choose to pawn your bridal sets. They are exclusively designed to fit the engagement ring and wedding ring together perfectly. The diamonds come in the same shape and size scale.

How to Pawn Your Wedding Ring Online?

Pawning your wedding ring online and getting a loan against it is easy and straightforward.

  • Fill up our online form
  • Get a free loan quote immediately
  • Send your ring to us for a more detailed assessment
  • Get your final cash loan offer
  • Accept it and get paid within minutes.

From getting a quote, sending your item to getting paid, the entire process may take as little as two days to complete.

Get A Loan Against Your Wedding Ring In-Person

loan for engagement ring

You can also consider taking out a loan against your wedding ring instantly in an appointment.

We will appraise your ring instantly and make you a cash loan offer on the spot. If you are satisfied with it, sign your pledge receipt, and we will pay you immediately in cash or via your preferred method of payment.

Our substantial experience and knowledge in the diamond and jewellery industry enable us to make accurate diamond valuations, metal appraisals and also, market assessment. The final credit amount you will obtain from us will be based on the current market value of your item.

Our process is simple and ensures that you will receive the highest possible amount of cash loan against your diamond jewellery in as little time as possible.

How to Pawn My Jewellery with Pawnbrokers in London?

More and more people today are considering the pawnbroking process as a more convenient way to raise fast cash.

Eventually, professional pawnbrokers in London or any other big cities are working to make the process more straightforward and hassle-free.

pawn my jewellery with pawnbrokers in london

Thus, it is now easier to pawn your jewellery quickly and securely than ever, as long as you know two things –

One is how to pawn my jewellery? And secondly, where to pawn jewellery for the best price?

However, with a little bit of know-how and research, you can end up getting the highest amount of credit loan against your jewellery without any hassle.

Thus, if you are looking to pawn jewellery, follow the steps that we have outlined below. Have a look!

Gather all the details of your asset

The first step in preparing to get a loan against your jewellery is apprehending what you possess.

Consider gathering all these following details about your jewellery item:

  • Is your jewellery item from any famous brand?

If your jewellery piece is of a designer brand like Cartier, Tiffany or Chopard, it is likely to add value.

  • What kind of metal is the item made of? Does it contain diamonds or any gemstones?

The higher the metal’s carat weight, the more valuable it will be. However, diamonds and other gemstones will also add to the value of your item.

And, you are likely to receive a higher cash loan offer against it from trusted pawnbrokers in London.

  • How is the item’s condition?

Scratches, blemishes, missing diamonds or any wear and tear can cause a significant cutback in the item’s value.

However, if you still retain the original paperwork of your jewellery, you will find all information about it. The paperwork can be the original receipt, GIA certificate or an authenticity card.

On the contrary, bring in your asset to any high-street pawn shop jewellery near you or in London. They will assess every detail and also, let you know how much you can get your jewellery pawn?

Choose trustworthy jewellery pawnbrokers in London

The Luxury Hut jewellery pawnbrokers provide its customers with a quick and secure way to pawn jewellery online or via appointment.

However, we work with expert evaluators who can assess and determine the price of any jewellery item accurately.

Pawn your jewellery online with us or via appointment at our Hatton Garden office in London. Nonetheless, we will make the process easier, more convenient and transparent.

Get a free valuation for your jewellery

Pawning your jewellery with The Luxury Hut London pawnbrokers is an entirely free and secure process.

Our jewellery experts are always on hand to evaluate a jewellery piece, diamonds and metal and determine a price based on the current pre-owned market.

However, before heading into a particular pawn shop to pawn your jewellery, it is essential to know how much your jewellery is worth.

This will not only prevent you from getting duped but also from accepting an inappropriately low price for your asset.

Fill up our online form, providing all the details about your jewellery. You will receive an honest and fair price quote shortly.

However, keep in mind that the more information you provide us with, the more accurate will be your quote.

Get your final cash loan offer & get paid

If you are satisfied with the quote, you can:

  • Send us your jewellery piece to confirm the final offer.
  • Or call us on 0791 747 2203 to book an appointment at our office in Hatton Garden, London
  • Visit our premises with your asset, all relevant details, and a proof of ID to enter an agreement with us.

We will assess every aspect precisely and confirm all the details provided and make you a final cash loan offer. Accept it, sign your pledge receipt and get paid instantly via your preferred payment method.

Thus, get in touch with The Luxury Hut pawnbrokers in London today and get a loan against jewellery without any obligation.


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