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7-Best Tiffany Jewellery That Won’t Drill Your Pocket

7 Best Tiffany Jewellery

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name ‘Tiffany’? Perhaps words like expensive, luxurious and elegant must be popping in your head. And, why not! Tiffany as a brand is well-deserving to such adjectives. They are one of the world’s most iconic jewelers who have produced some of the finest quality jewelleries for years and decades. Their expertise and commendable craftsmanship ensure that each piece of Tiffany jewellery is precious and worth-cherishing all life-long.

Most of us wonder that what makes Tiffany so expensive. But the surprising question doesn’t have a much surprising answer to it.

7 Best Tiffany Jewellery

It is the brand’s exceptional quality jewellery that makes Tiffany & Co as a brand so expensive! The money you spend on one of their rings makes for a worthy investment compared to any other low-quality diamond ring. Not just that, they offer great value in the secondary market too.

For instance, if you need some urgent cash, take your Tiffany jewellery to some trustworthy pawnbroker. As trusted pawnbrokers in London, The Luxury Hut will offer you a great competitive value for your jewellery in no time.

Wait a minute. Does it mean that only the filthy rich people can their hands on such precious and luxurious items? Thank us later. Below listed are the names of all those Tiffany jewelleries that won’t drill your pocket.

7 Best Affordable Tiffany Jewellery are:

  1. Return To Tiffany Double Heart Tag Necklace

‘Return To Tiffany’ pieces is one of the most well-known collections. They are classics that will melt your heart in an instant. It comes with an elegant, minimalistic silver chain and two engraved heart tags. The jewellery exudes boundless charm with one heart coloured in the iconic Tiffany blue.

You can also choose pink, red, or an all simple sterling silver.

  1. Bow Charm Bead Bracelet

Isn’t bow a significant and charming symbol of some of our most essential ties? Wrap your wrist with a beautiful bracelet decorated with sterling silver beads. Hanging from the silver beads is a bow charm that gives a fanciful touch to the classic bracelet design. You do not need an occasion to flaunt it. The minimalistic piece goes with almost anything and everything.

  1. Elsa Peretti Open Heart Necklace

The simple, stylish, and evocative piece of the open heart necklace celebrates the true spirit of love. This is Tiffany’s one of the most celebrated jewelleries that the most famous Elsa Peretti has designed. The necklace mimics Peretti’s natural style and is a beautiful sterling silver piece that suits your everyday wear.

  1. Tiffany 1837 Cuff Bangle

How about a sterling silver cuff bangle that showcases elegance with precise details? The Tiffany 1837 cuff bangle has a stunning sleekness with the year proudly inscribed. The design looks simple yet elegant and makes for a great layering option for something simple yet distinct.

  1. Elsa Peretti Bean Design Pendant

The bean pendant in sterling silver represents the foundation of all things. The necklace symbolises chic minimalism, and the famous Elsa Paretti has designed it. The stunning silver pendant comes in several sizes on a delicate chain. Be it for casual day wear or a more layered look; this necklace is sure to amp up your collection.

  1. Infinity Bangle

The Tiffiny Infinity Bangle is an eternal emblem that ideally embraces the feeling of continuous bond, vitality, and energy. Bangles are most commonly a closet staple, and Tiffany offers multiple sizes and metal options. Wear it over your wrist to add an edge to your attire. Moreover, the Tiffany Infinity Bangle has a good value in the pre-owned market.

You can always take them to the London pawnbrokers and get a good value for them if and when required.

  1. Tiffany ‘T’ simple pendant necklace

The stylish necklace comes with a signature design, where the pendant more or less looks like a Smile. The smile is created by two ‘T’s that are connected to form the smile-like sign. This is a joyful necklace that will offer a feel-good factor without going heavy on the budget.

The neckpiece comes in multiple variations of gold or silver and will suit any style. Add a subtle touch of charm to your regular wear with this classic ‘T’ pendant necklace.

Assuming that you have found your right pick, what’s next? Before you start splurging on one, remember that no matter what you end up buying, Tiffany jewellery will always be worth it.

Let’s say a bit more.

Does Tiffany jewellery hold its value?

Of course, it does! Its timeless charm, ongoing high-demand, and high-quality retain its value more than any other luxury jewellery brand.

If ever you are in need of some immediate cash, you can easily pawn your jewellery at a pawn shop in London. At The Luxury Hut, rest assured to get the best possible price for your Tiffany necklace, engagement or wedding ring. They will give you quick cash with no credit check!

4 Important Factors That Determine the Worth of a Diamond

worth of a diamond

What makes a diamond so exclusive? And also, who gets to decide its value? Maybe this is the reason why the prices of diamonds often seem so mysterious.

Whether in antique jewellery or an engagement ring, family heirloom or a wedding ring, diamonds have always received supreme treatment as a gem that symbolizes class, elegance, and love. But how what is the worth of a diamond?

Rarely, the owner of a diamond pendant or any other piece of jewellery has ever taken much interest in that question. But when in need, it is the diamond that is going to recover you from the problems. Hence, it is essential to understand its value so that you can make a fair deal.

During a sudden cash crisis, you can always pawn your jewellery to get some instant cash. Since diamond holds a good market value, you can pawn diamond jewellery for a short-term fast loan. At The Luxury Hut, the expert evaluators will help you get an instant free quote and pay you on-spot.

But first, let’s understand how this whole process works.

Did You Ever Wonder How a Diamond’s Value Is Determined?

Well, 4 Cs Help to Verify a Diamond’s Value. They Are As Follows:

  • Cut
  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Carat

It is also important to note the position, size, brand and carat of a diamond. All these factors contribute to the valuation.

Let’s discuss each of the above factors briefly.

1> CUT

The value of the other three (Colour, Carat, Clarity) depends on what nature provides. But it is the brilliance of the craftsman who cuts the diamond that gives its cut value. It is the diamond’s cut that allows light to reflect through it. The ‘cut’ is the factor that churns out a diamond’s true beauty.

3 Optical Effects Created While Cutting A Diamond Are:

  • The Fire – the way white light transforms into the colours of the rainbow
  • The Brightness – White light reflects, both in and out
  • Scintillation – The sparkle due to the pattern of the dark and light within the stone


Colour has a significant impact on the value of a diamond. For example, a big flawless diamond with blemishes can be worth less than an ultra-small diamond. Diamonds come in various colours like pink, blue, yellow, and grey.


  • The colourless diamonds = the most valuable
  • The stronger the yellow =, the lower its value

Wondering why?

It is the lack of colour that generates more shine. Also, similar or identical looking diamonds can be valued differently based on their colours.


A diamond’s clarity is its purity. It takes into account the number of internal flaws and blemishes the diamond has. The fewer the count, the better and higher is the diamond’s value. Did you know that you have to magnify a diamond almost ten times to review the clarity?

5 Factors That Define The Clarity Are:

  • Size
  • Position
  • Colour
  • Nature
  • Number of blemishes

Most of the time, you have to review the inclusions under the magnifying glass to identify it.


This is a key factor when deciding on the diamond’s value. Similar to everything else in the world, the higher the diamonds, the higher is the price.

How to Determine Diamond’s Market Value?

The most direct way to figure out the market value of a diamond is to calculate the prices of the stones with the same clarity, cut, weight, and colour grades.

For instance, you have an immediate need for cash. In this case, if you visit a jeweller or any other diamond dealer, they won’t pay you the retail price. This is because they can buy the same stone at a wholesale value.

So why not pawn it instead? You can always visit a trusted pawnshop jeweler to find out the diamond’s exact value. At The Luxury Hut, you can get an instant free valuation for your jewellery. As trusted pawnbrokers in London, the evaluators will give you the best competitive price for your jewellery.

How to Pawn My Jewellery with Pawnbrokers in London?

pawn my jewellery with pawnbrokers in london

More and more people today are considering the pawnbroking process as a more convenient way to raise fast cash.

Eventually, professional pawnbrokers in London or any other big cities are working to make the process more straightforward and hassle-free.

pawn my jewellery with pawnbrokers in london

Thus, it is now easier to pawn your jewellery quickly and securely than ever, as long as you know two things –

One is how to pawn my jewellery? And secondly, where to pawn jewellery for the best price?

However, with a little bit of know-how and research, you can end up getting the highest amount of credit loan against your jewellery without any hassle.

Thus, if you are looking to pawn jewellery, follow the steps that we have outlined below. Have a look!

Gather all the details of your asset

The first step in preparing to get a loan against your jewellery is apprehending what you possess.

Consider gathering all these following details about your jewellery item:

  • Is your jewellery item from any famous brand?

If your jewellery piece is of a designer brand like Cartier, Tiffany or Chopard, it is likely to add value.

  • What kind of metal is the item made of? Does it contain diamonds or any gemstones?

The higher the metal’s carat weight, the more valuable it will be. However, diamonds and other gemstones will also add to the value of your item.

And, you are likely to receive a higher cash loan offer against it from trusted pawnbrokers in London.

  • How is the item’s condition?

Scratches, blemishes, missing diamonds or any wear and tear can cause a significant cutback in the item’s value.

However, if you still retain the original paperwork of your jewellery, you will find all information about it. The paperwork can be the original receipt, GIA certificate or an authenticity card.

On the contrary, bring in your asset to any high-street pawn shop jewellery near you or in London. They will assess every detail and also, let you know how much you can get your jewellery pawn?

Choose trustworthy jewellery pawnbrokers in London

The Luxury Hut jewellery pawnbrokers provide its customers with a quick and secure way to pawn jewellery online or via appointment.

However, we work with expert evaluators who can assess and determine the price of any jewellery item accurately.

Pawn your jewellery online with us or via appointment at our Hatton Garden office in London. Nonetheless, we will make the process easier, more convenient and transparent.

Get a free valuation for your jewellery

Pawning your jewellery with The Luxury Hut London pawnbrokers is an entirely free and secure process.

Our jewellery experts are always on hand to evaluate a jewellery piece, diamonds and metal and determine a price based on the current pre-owned market.

However, before heading into a particular pawn shop to pawn your jewellery, it is essential to know how much your jewellery is worth.

This will not only prevent you from getting duped but also from accepting an inappropriately low price for your asset.

Fill up our online form, providing all the details about your jewellery. You will receive an honest and fair price quote shortly.

However, keep in mind that the more information you provide us with, the more accurate will be your quote.

Get your final cash loan offer & get paid

If you are satisfied with the quote, you can:

  • Send us your jewellery piece to confirm the final offer.
  • Or call us on 0791 747 2203 to book an appointment at our office in Hatton Garden, London
  • Visit our premises with your asset, all relevant details, and a proof of ID to enter an agreement with us.

We will assess every aspect precisely and confirm all the details provided and make you a final cash loan offer. Accept it, sign your pledge receipt and get paid instantly via your preferred payment method.

Thus, get in touch with The Luxury Hut pawnbrokers in London today and get a loan against jewellery without any obligation.

5 Most Expensive Diamond Jewellery as of 2020

5 Most Expensive Diamond Jewellery as of 2020

Diamonds are an everlasting symbol of luxury and wealth. And diamond jewellery is ideally the most expensive and valuable items in the world because of their grandeur and rarity.

However, jewels have passed through the hands of riches and royalties throughout history. Eventually, they command exorbitantly large sums of money.

5 Most Expensive Diamond Jewellery as of 2020

So, are you wondering how the most expensive jewellery look like? Or what makes them so expensive?

Here are five of the most expensive diamond jewellery items ever produced to date. Let’s take a look!

The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond is one of the world’s most fabled items of jewellery that comes with a vivid blue diamond of 45.52ct. This striking necklace is known to have existed for many years with noteworthy owners such as Harry Winston and King Louis XIV.

However, Winston donated this incredible beauty in 1958 to the Smithsonian Institute. Ever since then, it has been on display there.

The Hope Diamond has been continually valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. But the real value of this fascinating piece is virtually not possible to evaluate due to its extreme historical significance and high profile.

Thus, the Hope Diamond necklace is ideally the most valuable diamond jewellery in the world.

Graff’s Peacock Brooch

Graff is the most notable and esteemed diamond jeweller in the world. The London-based manufacturer designed a fabulous Peacock brooch.

However, the more interesting fact is that the diamond brooch worth more than a private jet.

The brand embellished the brooch with 1,305gemstones, weighing about 120.81ct.

Moreover, the exquisite piece flaunts a vibrant blue diamond at its centre that itself weighs over 20 carats.

The value of the Peacock Brooch by Graff is nearly £89 million.

L’Incomparable Necklace

The elite Mouawad Jewellery brand developed this incredibly valuable diamond necklace.

The story says that a young Congo girl discovered the central gemstone entirely by-chance.

However, this gemstone is the most giant full-unblemished diamond in the world, weighing 407.8carats. The necklace also flaunts 102 smaller gems adorning its sophisticated design.

The Winston Blue

The platinum ring comes with the world’s flawless blue diamond. The ring was dubbed after the founder of Harry Winston– Nayla Heyek.

However, this 13.22 carats diamond ring sold for about £19.51 million at Christie’s auction house in May 2014.

Pink Emerald-Cut Graff Diamond

America’s Gemological Institute graded the emerald-cut diamond in the Graff Diamond ring as “Fancy Intense Pink”.

However, the prestigious Laurence Graff himself purchased this emerald-cut diamond of 24.78 carats for about £38 million.

The emerald-cut diamond comes with a perfect combination of purity and colour that is indeed a rare feature.

Moreover, Graff delineated the diamond in this ring as the “most fabulous” gemstone he has ever come across in his career.

Are you looking to pawn your diamond jewellery for instant cash?

The Luxury Hut pawnbrokers in London offer a quick and secure way to pawn diamond jewellery online and raise instant cash.

Whether you want to pawn a diamond ring or a Cartier diamond bracelet, we will provide you with an accurate price and eventually, the best amount of credit loan against your jewellery without any obligation.

As one of the most trusted jewellery pawnbrokers in London, we aim to make the entire pawnbroking process more convenient and straightforward.

Begin the process by filling up our online form today and get a free valuation shortly.

How to Get the Best Price When Pawning my Jewellery?

how to get the best price when pawning my jewellery

Fine jewellery typically retains a great deal of value and thus, can bring substantial financial benefits in a hard-up situation.

If you have any precious jewellery item that mostly remain locked in a box gathering dust or that you no longer use, you can consider using it as collateral for a pawn loan.

how to get the best price when pawning my jewellery

Trusted pawnbrokers in London like at The Luxury Hut offer a secure and straightforward way to pawn jewellery online or via appointment in London or from any other big cities.

Whether you want to pawn a diamond ring or a gold necklace, secure the highest possible amount of cash loan against your jewellery instantly without any obligation or credit checks.

However, for those who are considering taking out a loan against jewellery for the first time, here are some top tips that can help you to obtain the best price when pawning your jewellery.

Have a look!

Establish what jewellery item actually is

Jewellery is a style-driven industry. Some items will stay classics year after year, while others may hold their value merely for months.

Thus, before deciding on a particular jewellery piece to take out a pawnbroking loan, the first thing you need to establish is whether or not it can be regarded as fine jewellery.

Fine jewellery is made of precious metals and gemstones. Thus, they tend to retain a higher value over time.

However, many luxury brands or designers produce various types of fine jewellery. And this eventually adds value to the asset.

So, is your jewellery piece of a brand like Cartier or Tiffany? Is it a Cartier love bracelet or a Tiffany bracelet?

These designer pieces are highly coveted and can command a higher price.

Thus, you must gather all the details about the jewellery item you want to pawn with any trusted jewellery pawnbrokers in London or anywhere in the UK.

Know the gemstones in your jewellery piece

The value of a jewellery item may vary significantly depending on whether it is having a pearl, diamond or any other gemstones.

If your item is crafted of diamonds, it is likely to fetch you a higher price than a pearl or coloured gemstones.

However, the value of coloured gemstones like rubies and sapphires has significantly increased in recent years.

Jewellery pawnbrokers typically determine the value of a gemstone based on its type, age, rarity and condition.

An old untreated gemstone is rarer, and thus, demand is high, thereby holding a higher value.

Moreover, a diamond may worth more than an amethyst in most instances.

Additionally, any corrosion or chips in the gemstone may cause a significant cutback in its overall value.

However, diamond jewellery is one of the popular items people consider to use as collateral for a pawn loan.

If you are wondering how much your diamond ring is worth, fill up this online form to get an accurate valuation at no cost to you.

Determine the condition

The condition of your jewellery item will bestow a significant impact on the amount of credit loan you are likely to obtain from professional jewellery pawnbrokers in London.

Thus, before you walk into a pawn shop in London to get a loan against jewellery, it is essential to ascertain its condition.

Experts recommend cleaning and buffing any precious jewellery item. This will make the thing look better even after years and maintain its condition, preventing it from abrasions or any other damages.

Choose the right pawnbrokers to pawn jewellery

Now that you have assessed your jewellery item following the above tips, it is the time to choose the right pawnbroker to obtain a fair and accurate price for it.

The Luxury Hut London pawnbrokers have over 40 years of combined experience in the pawnbroking industry.

As one of the most trusted pawnbrokers in London, we aim to make the pawnbroking process more convenient and straightforward.

With expert evaluators always on hand, we determine an accurate price of any jewellery item, be it is a diamond ring or a vintage gold necklace.

More significantly, we aim to beat any high street pawnbroking rate.

The Luxury Hut has a viable online platform and an office at the heart of London’s Hatton Garden. Pawn your jewellery online or via appointment at our premises in London and get an instant cash loan without any hassle.

Begin the process by filling up our online form with all the details about the jewellery piece you want to pawn and get a free valuation shortly.

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