4 Powerful Reasons to Loan against Gold for Quick Cash

No matter how much you plan for your finances, one situation is enough to force you to take a loan. Multiple loan options are flooding the market to fulfil your financial needs. While all these loans, such as Business loans, personal loans, student loans, property loans, and automobiles, can meet the requirements, there is nothing like a loan against gold.

Gold Loan beats all of them in four specific things. They are:

  • Speed
  • Convenience
  • Low-Interest Rate
  • Security

Gold has a unique value as an asset class. And, why not!

Over the years, gold has become a vital investment product, and more and more people are now interested in investing in loans to earn quick cash later.

If you need some fast cash but don’t want to sell it for emotional attachment, you can always pawn against your gold asset. The experts at The Luxury Hut will give you a free instant valuation for your gold. As the value of gold is always stable, the precious metal is sure to fetch you a lump sum loan amount.

More than often, people hesitate to opt for gold loans. Hence, one needs to learn about the multiple benefits one can unlock.

Top 4 reasons to take a gold loan are:

1. Low-Interest Rate

Gold retains its original value for a very long period. This property makes it a liquid asset that can quickly be sold or bought. People consider gold as a long-term investment as there is little or no risk to lose your money.

And, thanks to the gold loans, it has become increasingly easy to convert your gold into cash. All you need to do is find a suitable company that will lend you gold at a lower interest rate if a situation arises that requires you to have liquid cash, loan against gold quickly and easily.

2. Convenience

Gold is an asset that always enjoys a high market value. When you buy gold jewellery, you can sell it at the original price or even a little extra. And, if you want to take a gold loan, you can expect to get a good value for it.

Consider pawning your gold instead of selling it. This way, you can capitalize on the gold multiple times instead of just selling it for a one-time profit.

3. Speed

When in urgent need, of course, you would want to get an instant loan without much wait. This is another reason that contributes to the popularity of gold loans. The transaction requires less time, and you can quickly get the amount.

4. Security

This is perhaps one of the essential concerns when seeking for loan. Gold retains its value and is also a great way to pass wealth through the generations. It is more like an international currency that is sold anywhere at any time.

Are you ready to loan against your gold? You can contact the gold evaluators at The Luxury Hut to receive an accurate valuation for your asset.

LBMA Predicts Gold Price to Rise 11.5% in 2021

According to the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), the precious metal gold will undergo an 11.5% increase in price from the record-high annual average in 2020. The gold price is expected to be approximately £1,441 per ounce across this year.

loan against gold the luxury hut

The significant economic recovery from the global pandemic’s drastic impacts due to mass vaccinations is responsible for this expected surge in gold prices. However, governments and central banks will continue their unparallel monetary and debt-spending stimulus.

Interestingly, this entire interpretation is from the analysts who took part in the price forecast competition of precious metals from LBMA. Continue reading to explore more.

However, if you are looking for a trusted pawn shop in London to secure an instant loan against gold, get in touch with The Luxury Hut London pawnbrokers right now. Call on 0207 242 9160 for a free competitive loan quote.

Gold Price to Increase 11.5% in 2021

A total of 32 analysts entered the precious metals’ price prediction competition, and 12 out of them speculated that gold price would reach nearly £1,460 or more across 2021. The median prediction for gold 2021 is about £1,435 per ounce.

This means that the annual average gold price of 2020 beat the consensus prediction of LBMA analysts by 13.5%. And this is a record-breaking surge in 15years of LBMA’s competition.

Degussa’s Chief Economist Thorsten Polleit is the highest gold price predictor this year. He entered the competition of LBMA the first time. According to his prediction, the annual average gold price will be about £1,680 this year. The peak value will be £1,957 and the lowest, £1,278 per ounce.

He stated –

“It is far from certain that an extremely easy monetary policy will pave the way towards a sustainable economic recovery. In any casem price inflation – be it in the form of consumer and/or asset price inflation – will be the result.”

BioNtech/Pfizer reported that after successful trials of Covid vaccine, gold price bottomed at about £1,289 by the end of November. However, Noah Capital Markets Research’s Rene Hochreiter made the lowest price prediction of gold in 2021.

He predicts that the 2021 gold price will peak at about £1,343. Hochreiter added –

“After the fastest recovery in the history of the global equity markets, gold may see an equally sharp decline as risk and volatility fall.”

“Technically, gold ahs not convincingly broken out of the bear market it has been in since August 2020 and seems intent on not doing so.”

On the other hand, Ross Norman – the 2020 winner of LBMA competition – says “with the recovery comes demand-pull as well as cost-push inflation, further fuelled by the higher velocity of money leading to expectations of much higher inflation.”

Norman forecasts an annual average gold price 2021 of nearly £1,479 saying that “we see concerns shifting from herd immunity to herd insolvency. Financial markets remain vulnerable, and we think investors will continue to see gold as the near-perfect antidote.”

Get Loan against Gold

Gold is considered to be a safe-haven asset. Whether your gold jewellery piece is tangled, broken or old, it is still worth something. If you want to secure some extra cash to meet your short-term financial needs, you can use your gold item as collateral for a pawn loan.

The Luxury Hut gold buyers in London can offer you the highest possible amount of credit loan against your gold without any obligation. Fill up our online form with all details on your gold. We will determine its accurate price based on the metal’s price on the day of valuation and contact you immediately with a free loan quote. You can also call us at 0207 242 9160 now for an instant appraisal over the phone or book an appointment at our Hatton Garden office in London.


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